a way of life

As with most people, things come to me bits and pieces .. in flashes.. in dreams… in a discussion with a friend…. this is what has been happening to me since the beginning of 2013.. at such a rapid pace it has been a challenge to sort through what is swirling about me. I feel a little like a toe dancer… spinning my dreams, my fantasy, my nature to take on six things at once, a happy dance… one that makes me want to dance every day.

It all began with my return to the area of my youth, the central coast of California, people would see my on the street , come up , speak my name, my old name.. Lynda Flynn.. is that you.. and then they would share with me something I had said to them years ago, something I taught in a class, a nudge I had given them to act on something that was perhaps a bit frightening. I was being thanked, praised..remembered, it felt both wonderful and a bit over whelming to hear all this, and to hear it repeatably… it had been 20 years after all since I had been here, since I had a store in town, since I had taught these “wardrobe planning” classes… People quoted what I had said to them 20 years ago.. and I was amazed, that they would remember, and take to heart what I had to say about anything…. but I realized I have been given a gift.. a precious gift that was meant to be shared… I some how am able to invoke confiadence in people, I cause them to think of things in a new way, with a brighter light… I only share what I so believe myself.. “thoughts become things, choose the good ones.”.. think the best, expect the best… act the best,try the best…. do the best.. the best that you can be today.. two years ago I attended a seminar, one of many on such things over the period of my life.. since the 70’s really. (Yes I am one of those new age people) I was reminded of things I had learned so long ago… and it began the move back to CA… I had loved being in Texas, but missed the fellowship I find here in the place of my youth. I knew that if I put a plan into motion, if I thought clear, pure purposeful thoughts it would come to pass.. and here we are.

Now that I am here, things are unfolding in the most remarkable way, I have begun teaching the “wardrobe” class I taught so long ago.. 4 of the ladies had taken it 25 yrs ago, and signed up again.. we are all enjoying it so very much.. and I am so grateful for the support I am feeling from so many around me..

I am working with Dawn, from A feathered Nest.. a very big presence on fb.. and etsy.. she is designing a new card for me.. it will be a card with just my name.. and I am going to add the old name, so it will say, Linda Flynn Marcov….a way of life….. I realize in all that I do, all that I believe, my work, the way I live, the things I say, and the things I teach are about a way to live.. a way to think, and be… after searching for words and descriptions to put on the card it came to me today on a rainy morning drive along the coast.. I don’t have any clear idea, what 2013 will bring, I am saying yes to many new things, new plans, new shows, new ideas, new approaches, new ideas, a new life… that affirms all that I have been, and am yet to be.

You may ask, where is Ludmil in all this, and I will tell you, right beside me as he has always been. He has always looked to me to be the planter of seeds, in our garden.. I am the one who spins the dreams, makes the big leaps of faith that we will thrive.. we will grow.. we will root..anywhere we plant ourselves….and grow and thrive we have, thanks to all that follow us, support us, engage us in theirs life.. look to us for beauty, for creation, for inspiration.. thank-you.. bless you… and I am truly humbled to be reminded how I have made a difference in the lives of others . As I have said over and over, I am a very wealthy , rich woman.. I have so very much , such good things, such a good life… I am grateful for all. Happy New Year, on the 24 of January.. may each day, each moment, each thought bring you all you dream of.

January 24, 2013 - 8:10 pm

Jane It has been such fun to hear of your adventures. I remember when you sent me a friend request – maybe you saw how many people we had in common, I don’t know. I was surprised, and a little flattered! I’ve followed you in the magazine articles since Oregon. I adore the things Ludmil creates – I too have a husband who can draw, make, create…whatever needs to be done. I look forward hearing and seeing more of what you are doing!

January 24, 2013 - 8:18 pm

Cathy Linda & Ludmil,
You have graced many of us with your lovely hearts & talented hands. It’s lovely that you are back home & are enjoying old friends. You are such a gracious couple & deserve only the best. Many blessings to both of you. Your post was lovely!
All the Best,
Cathy Hickman

January 24, 2013 - 9:03 pm

Pattea Torrence At a loss for words..You said it all and then some..We love having you back on the Central Coast of California..You came “home” even richer than when you left and you were, in your words “rich” then!
Rich in the way all people should, and perhaps could be..I am a student here in this beautiful life I am living.
We have all missed you and welcome you again with open arms.
looking forward to it all!

January 24, 2013 - 11:31 pm

linda morrison You have given me so many things linda. I use what you have taught me everyday. Thank you, Love you Lulu.

2012 Fall Antique Show

The  planning and placing has begun here at Willow Nest, you see here Ludmil’s drawings, and his ideas for pieces he is developing.. You also see the little vignettes that I am assembling, we have a return to nature feeling for fall, some taxidermy birds from France,and a dried hydrangeas we brought back from California, please enjoy these lovely photos that sweet Heidi took… from the Nesting CO. here in Burton.

A wee shoe collage. I used old drawers,  a feed bag, and shoes from the turn of the century. I love making these assemblies .I think they look charming in a child’s room.. or a guest room. Nothing says nostalgia like looking at children’ s worn shoes.

old millinery , silver and pink Christmas babbles, I am passing on my own personal collection of “Christmas Pink” hope you will enjoy seeing it in silver punch bowls,  set upon silver trays,places in little silver compotes,  all that sparkle spells Christmas!

little gift boxes adorned with millinery… the box is as special as the gift inside..

come see us in Tent A space 5a, for Marburger Farms antique show, OCT.. 2 bright and early for the best choices, much more to show you, see you soon. Love, Peace & Grace,Lina

September 12, 2012 - 7:23 am

Christine LeFever What wonders! I love the pink lusterware dish and the drawers with little shoes. They would look lovely in any room.

September 12, 2012 - 7:24 am

Christine LeFever I also love Ludmil’s blue print!

February 28, 2013 - 9:14 am

C Love your treasures

finding home

Ludmil and I are spending the summer here in Arroyo Grande, CA. a place I can call home. For many, many years when people have asked me where I am from, I have been stumped for an answer. I have lived in many places. Ludmil and I have lived in four states since we married, 19yrs ago. We feel the love of family and friends all over the country. New York where we have never been, houses our friends Patrick, Karen and Bonnie, Portland ,OR. has to many to mention.. even friends in France and family in Bulgaria, France and Holland.So from coast to coast and over the ocean we have a home of sorts with many people. A very sweet 75 yr. old man and his wife just moved to Prescott,Arizona and told us he feels like his life is starting over, he is filled with a newness he thought he would never feel again… the beginning of a new life he says..what a gift at 75… and for me the same gift just before my 67th birthday. I feel the love and excitement in the voices and faces of people I have not seen for 19 years… I have had the delight of my niece and her husband being so close, and so helpful for our move here. I have already had a visit from our friends in Portland, Julie & David, with more on the calendar for July and Aug. A dear friend is coming to dinner tonite, just for girl talk. My old highschool girl friends are meeting tomorrow night for dinner, there will be about 12 of us I think.. an OLD TIMERS picnic the next day including the men folk..

I became aware as we were making this plan for our summer, that I was planing a trip HOME…it came to me slowly, I saw and felt a smile spread on my face each time I thought about it. I found myself as excited to get here, a place I know well, as excited as I was last year going to France, a place that I know not at all… a place I had dreamed of spending more of my life in… and now though I love France and plan to return as soon as I am able .. I realize that I have a place to call home, and it is here in the central coast a place of my youth, a place I discovered my love for old things, and a place I met that sweet dear man from Bulgaria that has held the “home of my heart”  for these past years.

We will return to Texas, we will work in Texas, we will break bread with all our Texas/show friends again and again… we will love when the winter sun warms our faces, when it is cold and windy elsewhere in the world.. and we will count our blessings that we have the privilege to live, and work in the best of two worlds…. if this is our golden years.. I say bring it on… it does not get much better than this.The photos are in our living room with my niece and nephew.

June 8, 2012 - 8:26 pm

Judy # Watkins So precious and so happy that you are here and we can connect again my friend. Love you both! Judy

June 8, 2012 - 8:29 pm

Judy # Watkins love this Linda and so happy that you and Ludmil are here. I love that we can connect again this summer! Love you both! Judy

June 15, 2012 - 8:12 am

debi Sounds just about perfect for you both. So happy for you.


June 19, 2012 - 9:47 pm

Wren Mead I was so excited to see you today! I recognized you instantly even tho there are changes…..in both of us. If you’ve been married for 19 yrs. then it’s been longer than that since I’ve seen you.
Many changes in my life as well. Ah yes, the beginning of a new life.

It sounds like you have many people to see and things to do while here on the coast but if you have time for a little catching up, I would really enjoy that.

Hope to hear from you~

Country Living Fair Comes To Austin

As we prepare for our Country Living Show, in Austin this weekend, thought you might like a peak of some of the things we are bringing to sell. This two tiered wire stand is patterned after an old French design, I personally love things that have levels, makes for great showcasing of treasures. The embellished boxes are adorned with old millinery, ribbon that I brought home from France, bits of lace and paper. They would make a wonderful gift box for the special bride, or Mother, a graduation gift, teacher’s gift, the list is endless.

Here you see the wire baskets to hold your notes, letters, bills, journals, and yes the journals are also a great idea for the aforesaid gift’s that pop up this time of year… I always have a small journal tucked into my purse, and am forever writing down ideas, places to go, movies to rent, books to read, people to call…. you get the drift.. I simply can not remember all the things that I want to remember at the end of the day, so a journal is forever by my side. Love these when we travel, when we get home I tuck them away with the photos,etc.. and it is fun to get them out years later and re-read.

You will enjoy this selection. Come early as I am sure I will sell out.

I have the best selection of the wonderful European linen towels, some with monograms, some made with huck my favorite fabric for towels, some more refined, some really long that can be used as runners. We use these every day, they get better and better as they are  laundered. Treat your self and some one else, to this luxury, you will come back for more..

The wire baskets are always a favorite, we have brought lot’s of small cabinets, some with drawers, some great wire birdcages… a wonderful old European goat cart, metal very unique. A pair of wire chairs, again patterned after a French design.. the booth will be packed with goodies, it is a great show with talented vendors. A real treat.

I have brought some of my art work to share, it seems at the Country Living fairs in Ohio and Atlanta , that my pieces were much appreciated, so I made some special items just for Austin.. Ludmil and I are setting up in the next two days, and we are looking forward to this first show here in Austin, the weather promises to be wonderful, and the Country Living designers do an amazing job in creating the magic that surrounds their shows. See you soon Love Linda

April 24, 2012 - 9:18 am

Florence Muma Have a wonderful magical show. I know you will. Hugs! Florence

April 25, 2012 - 10:23 pm

Christi {the brown shed} Your booth is always captivating with beautiful treasures… I look forward to seeing you in Austin.


May 17, 2012 - 9:04 am

Heidi Meyer Such beautiful things! I hope you had a wonderful show. Will you be at the Country Living in Atlanta this fall? I would love to see you again and shop your pretty treasures. xxoo Heidi

May 17, 2012 - 9:06 am

Heidi Meyer Such beautiful things! I hope you had a fantastic show. Will you be at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta this fall? I would love to see you again and shop your pretty treasures. xxoo Heidi

May 20, 2012 - 6:21 am

Judy Crown My daughter and I just love your website.

October 17, 2012 - 4:52 pm

Cerri Hello, I was wondering if you will be doing the Atlanta Country Living fair this year? I would love to be able to shop your booth!

July 30, 2013 - 10:46 pm

Lisa MacAndrew Are you going to be attending any shows this year? I love the items you sell! Thanks! Lisa

Spring 2012

a Martin house of the grandest kind…. perfection

a beautiful arbor, designed by Ludmil using old gates from Tunisa.

a garden house, when you see it perfectly set up with a chandler, table and chairs, you are sure to want this lovely structure in your garden…. or it could be a very elegant chicken coop, it is a 7x7ft structure, come see it in our space at Marburger, tent A space 5a 

a lovely alter for ST. Francis, always a favorite, note the dove at his feet, this structure is about 31/2 ft tall.

a bird feeder, a delight in any garden if you like seeing the birds flock to your yard… this is sure to invite them.

an old birdcage from England, perfect color and great roof line.. I love these atop a table just as  a sculpture would be placed for the eye to enjoy, this  is art for me.

beautiful Madonna,

I am never without a box of vintage beauties like this, but in an old primitive wood box with worn paint and rough edges, be still my heart.

a bride and groom, puppet…

this deer head is from the wilds of France, enhanced by a wreath of hydrangeas from the garden of a friend in the North West, lovely….

never enough note pads, and inspiration books to satisfy me, these will wait and go to the Country Living show in Austin, April 28, be sure to plan on coming , sure to be a beautiful show,as only Country Living does…

A huge thank-you to my sweet dear friend and neighbor, Heidi, from the Nesting CO. here in Burton who took all these lovely photos. We are so lucky to have such good friends, it has been such fun these past days with people dropping in headed to the fields. We appreciate all the faithful folks that inspire us to continue doing what we so love. See you soon, should I say again, Marburger Farm April 3 through the 7tn… Tent A…. Love Love and Peace, Linda

March 28, 2012 - 10:47 am

Agnes Rosen Lovely photos! You always have the most interesting items. Love everything!!!

March 28, 2012 - 10:48 am

Agnes Rosen Lovely photos! You always have the most unique items for sale. Good luck at Marburger!

March 30, 2012 - 11:10 am

Julie Verburg I WANT,I WANT. Oh so beautiful! I long for you to be closer.

March 30, 2012 - 11:12 am

Julie Verburg Oh so beautiful! I WANT, I WANT! I long for you to be closer! Have a great show.

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