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As with most people, things come to me bits and pieces .. in flashes.. in dreams… in a discussion with a friend…. this is what has been happening to me since the beginning of 2013.. at such a rapid pace it has been a challenge to sort through what is swirling about me. I feel a little like a toe dancer… spinning my dreams, my fantasy, my nature to take on six things at once, a happy dance… one that makes me want to dance every day.

It all began with my return to the area of my youth, the central coast of California, people would see my on the street , come up , speak my name, my old name.. Lynda Flynn.. is that you.. and then they would share with me something I had said to them years ago, something I taught in a class, a nudge I had given them to act on something that was perhaps a bit frightening. I was being thanked, praised..remembered, it felt both wonderful and a bit over whelming to hear all this, and to hear it repeatably… it had been 20 years after all since I had been here, since I had a store in town, since I had taught these “wardrobe planning” classes… People quoted what I had said to them 20 years ago.. and I was amazed, that they would remember, and take to heart what I had to say about anything…. but I realized I have been given a gift.. a precious gift that was meant to be shared… I some how am able to invoke confiadence in people, I cause them to think of things in a new way, with a brighter light… I only share what I so believe myself.. “thoughts become things, choose the good ones.”.. think the best, expect the best… act the best,try the best…. do the best.. the best that you can be today.. two years ago I attended a seminar, one of many on such things over the period of my life.. since the 70’s really. (Yes I am one of those new age people) I was reminded of things I had learned so long ago… and it began the move back to CA… I had loved being in Texas, but missed the fellowship I find here in the place of my youth. I knew that if I put a plan into motion, if I thought clear, pure purposeful thoughts it would come to pass.. and here we are.

Now that I am here, things are unfolding in the most remarkable way, I have begun teaching the “wardrobe” class I taught so long ago.. 4 of the ladies had taken it 25 yrs ago, and signed up again.. we are all enjoying it so very much.. and I am so grateful for the support I am feeling from so many around me..

I am working with Dawn, from A feathered Nest.. a very big presence on fb.. and etsy.. she is designing a new card for me.. it will be a card with just my name.. and I am going to add the old name, so it will say, Linda Flynn Marcov….a way of life….. I realize in all that I do, all that I believe, my work, the way I live, the things I say, and the things I teach are about a way to live.. a way to think, and be… after searching for words and descriptions to put on the card it came to me today on a rainy morning drive along the coast.. I don’t have any clear idea, what 2013 will bring, I am saying yes to many new things, new plans, new shows, new ideas, new approaches, new ideas, a new life… that affirms all that I have been, and am yet to be.

You may ask, where is Ludmil in all this, and I will tell you, right beside me as he has always been. He has always looked to me to be the planter of seeds, in our garden.. I am the one who spins the dreams, makes the big leaps of faith that we will thrive.. we will grow.. we will root..anywhere we plant ourselves….and grow and thrive we have, thanks to all that follow us, support us, engage us in theirs life.. look to us for beauty, for creation, for inspiration.. thank-you.. bless you… and I am truly humbled to be reminded how I have made a difference in the lives of others . As I have said over and over, I am a very wealthy , rich woman.. I have so very much , such good things, such a good life… I am grateful for all. Happy New Year, on the 24 of January.. may each day, each moment, each thought bring you all you dream of.

January 24, 2013 - 8:10 pm

Jane It has been such fun to hear of your adventures. I remember when you sent me a friend request – maybe you saw how many people we had in common, I don’t know. I was surprised, and a little flattered! I’ve followed you in the magazine articles since Oregon. I adore the things Ludmil creates – I too have a husband who can draw, make, create…whatever needs to be done. I look forward hearing and seeing more of what you are doing!

January 24, 2013 - 8:18 pm

Cathy Linda & Ludmil,
You have graced many of us with your lovely hearts & talented hands. It’s lovely that you are back home & are enjoying old friends. You are such a gracious couple & deserve only the best. Many blessings to both of you. Your post was lovely!
All the Best,
Cathy Hickman

January 24, 2013 - 9:03 pm

Pattea Torrence At a loss for words..You said it all and then some..We love having you back on the Central Coast of California..You came “home” even richer than when you left and you were, in your words “rich” then!
Rich in the way all people should, and perhaps could be..I am a student here in this beautiful life I am living.
We have all missed you and welcome you again with open arms.
looking forward to it all!

January 24, 2013 - 11:31 pm

linda morrison You have given me so many things linda. I use what you have taught me everyday. Thank you, Love you Lulu.

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